ISRaD is an active community effort. Here are the latest updates!

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News - Updates 2021

  • 5 July: The first in-person ISRaD Hackathon of 2021 is live in Jena, Germany.
  • 11 March: Chen et al. from the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a study titled "Soil carbon persistence governed by plant input and mineral protection at regional and global scales" using ISRaD data!
  • 9 March: Wang et al. from CSIRO published a study titled "Microbial Activity and Root Carbon Inputs Are More Important than Soil Carbon Diffusion in Simulating Soil Carbon Profiles" using ISRaD data!

News - Updates 2020

  • 30 October: Thermal fractionation, or "dirt burner", data can now be ingested into ISRaD! Be sure to use the latest version of the ISRaD R package for updated fraction vocabulary, and take a look at this list to find examples of dirt burner data already in ISRaD.
  • 1 August: Sophie von Fromm is the new ISRaD Editor, who will manage new data submissions and lead the maintenance of the database! Contact her at
  • 20 July: Sharon A. Billings and Lígia F.T. de Souza from the University of Kansas published a discussion of Shi et al. (2020)'s study using ISRaD data.
  • 7 July: A collaboration led by Dr. Christina Schädel with many ISRaD members published a new manuscript describing the Soil Incubation Database (SIDb), a repository for incubation time series data built with lessons learned from ISRaD.
  • 29 June: The first publication using the ISRaD dataset was released, led by Dr. Zheng Shi at UC Irvine!
  • 10 February: ISRaD is now on CRAN!
  • 6 January: Our ISRaD v1.0 manuscript was published in Earth System Science Data!
  • Two synthesis datasets were ingested into ISRaD: permafrost peat radiocarbon from Treat et al., 2016 and Estop-Argonés (in review).
  • More spatial datasets are always being added to ISRaD Extra.

News - Updates 2019

  • ISRaD is growing - new variables added to accomodate upcoming research efforts
  • New twitter account and logo!

News - Updates 2018

  • We now have an FAQ page available here.
  • Marcus Guderle is the new ISRaD Editor, managing new data submissions & keeping the compiled database up to date.