ISRaD is an active community effort. Here are the latest updates!

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News - Updates 2020

  • 10 Feb.: ISRaD is now on CRAN!
  • Our ISRaD v1.0 manuscript was published on January 6, 2020 in Earth System Science Data!
  • Two synthesis datasets were ingested into ISRaD: permafrost peat radiocarbon from Treat et al., 2016 and Estop-Argon├ęs (in review).
  • More spatial datasets are being added to ISRaD Extra all the time.

News - Updates 2019

  • ISRaD is growing - new variables added to accomodate upcoming research efforts
  • New twitter account and logo!

News - Updates 2018

  • We now have an FAQ page available here.
  • Marcus Guderle is the new ISRaD Editor, managing new data submissions & keeping the compiled database up to date.